Big Pimpin'

winning at gifting

“Well we’re all out of free cybertrucks, but folks, it’s Christmas and while money can’t buy happiness, it can definitely buy love, and Fulcrum is all about love. So this Christmas/Hannukah and this christmas/hannukah only, we’re doing an “INVISIBLE UFO SALE”.

If you put down a deposit on a UFO in the next five days, we’ll rush mail you a foil to put under the tree (or by the menorah) as a tangible token of how you just bought that someone you love A BOAT! Mazel Tov! If you’re in a serious need to show your kids which one has earned your approval this year LOOK NO FURTHER!

Isn’t this ad sort of last minute? Yeah, it is. And you’re doing all your Christmas shopping last minute. If we’d put this up any earlier than a week before Christmas you’d have forgotten about it already.

So again to clarify, if you book your production slot in the next five days, we’ll send a foil out well in advance. Who on earth would actually want to receive delivery of a whole boat on the holidays? Plus a gift wrapped catamaran is a logistical nightmare to fit down a chimney and dead giveaway under that tree.

The only plus side is you stand the tree in the mast step. We are taking deposits for production over the winter and spring delivery and have a small limited inventory of stock boats for fulfilling more pressing sales in the interim. If you want one soon, act now. If you want one this spring, act now. Happy Kwanza!”

-Dave Clark, President, Fulcrum Speedworks.