throwing copper

We nabbed this from a Cortez Racing Association e-mail. We are unaware of the exact copper pollution levels that bottom cleaning produces, but this seems to specifically target racing sailboats. Who, besides racers, gets their bottom cleaning more than once a month? Almost no one.

And considering that racing sailboats make up a tiny fraction of the boat total here in Dago, we’ll go out on a limb and call this proposal bullshit. We get that this is a legitimate issue, but the 40 boats (wild guess) or so that get their bottom cleaned more than once a month is hardly worth this intrusive bureaucratic regulatory process.

The Port Of San Diego is proposing an ordinance establishing new rules regarding in-water hull cleaning. The ordinance would establish a licensing program for divers, and among other things would limit the frequency of in-water hull cleaning to a maximum of monthly.

The Port Commissioners will be holding a meeting on Tuesday, December 10 at 1:00 PM and people may want to attend.  Full information on the proposed ordinance including the presentation the Port gave on December 4 is available here.

Written comments may be submitted here no later than December 23rd.

Title inspiration thanks to Live.