we coulda told ya

Listen, we aren’t taking any shots at these guys, but most people just aren’t going to pay to watch sailing, not when there is so much good free sailing to watch…

Fellow Sailors,

By now you know that we’re in the middle of the World Championships and that for the first time ever you can watch it all . Here is my personal appeal to subscribe.

For years we’ve been trying to bring you the action from our regattas and we’ve had advances and retreats along the way. But we’ve never been able to bring you all the sailing and what could be better than that? We’ve had quite a few people sign up to watch, but we’re not yet at our targets that will ensure we can do the same level of coverage at our World’s in Geelong. Subscribe.

There is still time. Please sign up now and let’s bring the same comprehensive coverage to our Geelong World’s as this one. If we can get just a few more subscribers, we can build on this momentum and share the journey to Tokyo with our fans.

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