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Hey @GretaThunberg! , you are traveling around the world to save the planet. Do you know what to do with those unrecyclable sails of the Malizia II & La Vagabonde sailboat that they can’t be recycled?

Hi! my name is Antonia, founder of Cape Horn Sails, a Chilean little family company that re-uses yacht sails. As a sailor I know that to travel faster your sail has to be in optimal conditions. This is also the reason why thousands of boat owners around the world change their sails every season. And what do they do with their used sails? Absolutely nothing… because Kevlar, Carbon, Mylar and Dacron are non-recyclable materials. But they can be RE-USED.

Greta, you had the chance to be a Cape Horner but due the social revolution of my country, Chile, you didn´t have the honor to defy the bravest and southernmost tip waters of the world. This is a privilege that only some sailors can have and there are a lot of myths and traditions that surround this unique milestone.

Being a Cape Horner is something serious but your mission in this world deserve my respect, that’s why I offer you the possibility to give a new life to those used sails. High-end handcrafted products will give a better life to the sails that you used in your journey. Every time a person sees our products, they remember how important is to be a Cape Horner in life. Maybe you are not a Cape Horner, but you deserve to be one.

If you would like to see what kind of products we can build with those sails, just click here.