Dutch-based marine instrument solutions provider Sailmon launched the prototype of a new sailing device for dinghies and sport boats during METSTRADE 2019. ‘Max’ is the youngest member of the Sailmon display family developed and designed for every sailor. The new device acts as an onboard afterguard, making starting on time a breeze. The inbuilt fast GPS and advanced 9-axis IMU provides accurate sailing data to stay on top of the competition. The platform allows users to be live during sailing as well to review performances and compare results with other Sailmon users after sailing.

With launching the new device, Sailmon continues to offer sailors a new and fresh approach to sailing as a sport. Thanks to the connection with Sailmons unique cloud platform, users can review and replay their trips. The Sailmon app creates an instant session report directly after sailing to review performances and compare results with other Sailmon users.

‘’Innovation & sailing is what keeps us awake during the night,’’ says CEO Kim Coster. ‘’Design thinking seeks to create practical, user-oriented solutions technologically feasible and economically viable. With MAX, we launch one device for everyone.’’ Kim & Kalle Coster are very proud to launch their long-desired device for every sailor finally.