The most cyber-est monday, like ever.

The guys at Fulcrum Speedworks really do love to make us do double-takes on Cyber Monday. More from Fulcrum’s Dave Clark: “Okay, more accurately, the deposit on one! If you order a UFO today, Fulcrum Speedworks will credit you $100 on the sale of the boat, which is precisely the amount you need to put down the deposit on a Tesla Cybertruck.

However, it is worth sharing a complication to this offer. If you buy a UFO today, it would roll off the factory floor and into a shipping box in weeks, not months, and if you put a deposit down for spring delivery now, we can actually guarantee delivery of a UFO to fit your timetable, although that does get harder for us later on in the winter as orders pile up. So we really do advocate getting the deposit on your UFO in sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, we have no idea at all when or if a Cybertruck would ever be delivered, even if you ordered it two weeks ago. Furthermore, UFOs are known to car-top on small sedans and even tow behind bicycles (no, seriously), so there’s really no logical reason to own the truck in the first place…

Given that fact, we very strongly advocate taking our Truckless Alternative offer: buy a UFO and get $200 off on covers, accessories and parts. OMG! THAT’S TWO WHOLE CYBERTRUCKS WORTH OF PARTS! Also we can assure that you’ll actually get those items, as we’ve delivered hundreds of UFOs to customers across the globe already. Order yours now, for dependable delivery! You can fly!

ps. Neither I nor anyone else at Fulcrum have anything but respect for Tesla Motors or it’s founders. We do think that a $100 pre-production deposit on a prototype is innately pretty comical.. ”

Dave Clark
Fulcrum Speedworks llc