you decide

The title of this article “Is it one of the biggest scandals in the history of boating?” is it? You decide.

When the 2019 Auckland World Cup kicks off in a good week, Tuesday, December 3, for the 49ers – 49erFX and Nacra17 – then it happens to a participant from Spain who, in the eyes of many sailors, should go ashore.

Iker Martinez from Spain – Olympic top sailor, Volvo Ocean Race and Nacra17 sailor, was back at the Aarhus World Cup 2018, prevented from starting when the control measurement found technical cheating on his boat. The boat and Iker were disqualified on the basis of ‘cheating with the boat’ in relation to the class rules, and when the international jury at the same time believed that the Spanish sailor did not tell the truth, a Rule 69 hearing was also initiated.

During the rally in Aarhus, Iker Martinez actually tried to save his boat, and the drama was further amplified after six months when Martinez escaped the case without consequences! A single official in the World Sailing program decided not to raise disciplinary proceedings. ONE single person, in his own little world, could advise World Sailing not to go ahead with the case – I repeat one single person!

Starting next Tuesday, Iker Martinez sails the World Cup in Auckland! Read on.