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Getting the best performance out of a racing yacht is tough, with lots of controlled and uncontrolled variables in the equation to success. Accurate sensors are essential to provide the valid data on which crews can make decisions, and confidently repeat optimum settings for performance. Sensors for wind speed and angle, boatspeed and heading have evolved over the decades, and accurate calibration of these is (or should be) standard practice on every race yacht.

Rigging loads, mast shapes and sail shapes are much harder to measure accurately in real time, so all too often are not part of the performance game for most yachts, leaving much speed potential untapped. This is an issue particularly for the key measurement and control of forestay “sag”. Stu Bannatyne, winner of the Whitbread/ Volvo four times, says that ‘matching forestay tension to the wind and sails is key to upwind performance.’

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