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Star – Star Sailors League 2019 – Finals – Nassau BAH – a preview of this top event

In early December, the Grand 2019 Final of the Star Sailors League will be held on the Bahamas. The SSL World Ranking List, now not only with Starboat sailors, but with the best of all Olympic Classes, has been considered in the invitations. The first non-Star sailor is the 470 Olympic Champion Matthew Belcher AUS on rank 6. The top-10 of the Ranking List plus 15 invited teams are on the entry list. In addition to all top Star sailors – except the defending Champion Robert Scheidt BRA – are Tonci Stipanovic CRO (Laser Olympic Medalist), Jeemin Ha KOR (Laser) or the Match Racers Ian Williams GBR, Torvar Mirsky AUS and Taylor Canfield ISV among the participants. Invited are also World Champions of the Snipe Class (Henrique Haddad BRA) and the 5.5m (Mark Holowesko BAH). —– The preview.