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Nice work from 11th Hour Racing.
Did you know that Americans throw away 200 million pounds of turkey (NRDC) on Thanksgiving — and 40 million tons (EPA) of food annually? With only 326 towns and cities out of more than 19,000 (USPRIG) in the US offering curbside food waste collection, it’s clear that most food waste in America is heading straight to the landfill.
But imagine if things were different. What if our food waste could give back to soil and sea? As families start to gather for this treasured holiday, we want to bring the conversation about composting to the table.
That’s why we created a video about Healthy Soils, Healthy Seas Rhode Island — a new composting initiative started by a few passionate people and funded by 11th Hour Racing, which has become a catalyst for reducing Rhode Island’s food waste footprint.
We’re looking to grow this project’s impact and the conversation around the importance of composting. Please watch the video here, and let me know if you’re interested in writing a story on the project, or sharing the video with your audience.
FYI December 5th marks World Soil Day, another excellent day to share stories about composting.
Kind regards,
Alessandra Ghezzi
Communications Director
11th Hour Racing