pay to watch?

Call us crazy, but in a world of free everything on the interwebs – especially videos – we are fairly surprised that these guys are pimpin’  paid subscription videos to watch some sailboats races. For real?

Granted, we are not talking a lot of money tosubscribe:  “SidelineApp’s world championship package will be released for the early bird price of 9.95 euros for all LIVE and On Demand coverage including tracking, 2D and 3D gfx, commentary with analysts and sailing experts, special guests and interviews from the sailing world. 

After November 30 the package is available worldwide for 14.95 euros. *Geoblocked territories, if any, will be confirmed prior.”

We know that the cost of doing high quality sailing videos ain’t cheap, but we can’t possibly see how they can get enough sub money to not only cover costs, but actually make any money. We say good luck.