Big Pimpin'

everybody’s doing it

If you’re the sort of sailor who has tried a cruising catamaran and loved the living space but found the actual sailing experience rather joyless and unrewarding – no feel in the helm, a lack of lines to tweak, no real sense of speed or acceleration – then it’s time to take another look.

For the first time in many years there’s a new range of cats on the market that do have lightweight hulls and large, powerful rigs, but aren’t skittish or fragile and don’t cost millions. They’re designed specifically to appeal to experienced sailors and engineered to deliver the same amount of pleasure, engagement and deep satisfaction that you get from sailing a well-tuned monohull.

With its new Excess range of catamarans, Beneteau Groupe is on a mission to put the fun back into mainstream multihull cruising. Read on.