that girl

There is nothing that we don’t love about what Greta Thunberg is doing to help raise awareness (and hopefully action) on global climate change. Sure, the thick-skulled, knuckle dragging Trumpian cultists in the USA love to bitch about her, but then again, they are threatened by any woman with half a brain.

Here is an update on Greta, thanks to NPR.

Two and a half months after she arrived in New York Harbor, Greta Thunberg set sail back to Europe. The 16-year-old Swede’s visit to the U.S. was a barnstorming tour for our time: She had demanded of world leaders at the United Nations, “You all come to us young people for hope. How dare you?” She had marched alongside millions in the Global Climate Strike. She had rallied with thousands of fellow students in places like Iowa City. She had stood with Native American activists at Standing Rock.

And she experienced life in the U.S., a country she says plays an “incredibly important” role in fighting climate change.

“You are such a big country,” she told NPR in September. “In Sweden, when we demand politicians to do something, they say, ‘It doesn’t matter what we do — because just look at the U.S.’

“I think you have an enormous responsibility” to lead climate efforts, she added. “You have a moral responsibility to do that.” Read on.