keeping it up

So I don’t want to start another thread arguing and complaining that sailing is dying but there has to be a solution that’s not “It’s too expensive” or “millennials don’t care”

I’ve worked at the junior level and seen plenty of young kids sign start at 8-10 but very few of them stick around until high school. I’ve also been on a land locked college team in the North East that has at least 60 members every year, many of which are first time sailors, and stick with the sport all 4 years but don’t continue after graduation.

So I believe the number of people interested in sailing is¬†there. The real problem is how do we keep these sailors in the sport, especially since sailing can be a life long sport. Maybe we’re burning kids out too fast at the junior level and not guiding them to finding a passion for the sport. At the college level I think there needs to be a better variety of racing, competing almost entirely on a boat that has no avenue after graduation won’t inspire many young adults to continue after. Especially since I think may of them would love traveling to a few keelboat/offshore¬†regattas (especially the ones with parties) a year with their friends.

How can we get young sailors to invest in the sport for life? Jump in and discuss.