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Laser 4.7: All You Need to Know! A Webinar with Coach Agustin Ferrario

The Laser 4.7, the smallest of the three Laser rigs, has steadily grown to become immensely popular in Europe. In North America, there is growing interest in the Laser 4.7, with fleets emerging in locations such as Nova Scotia, Florida, Ontario and Alberta. Trends are really encouraging. There were 66 participants in the 4.7 at the Canadian Youth Nationals this past August in Kingston, Ontario.

This upcoming week-end, there are nearly 30 registrations for the Florida District championships in the Laser 4.7 to take place in Jacksonville. There is an even higher number of registrations for the upcoming Orange Bowl Youth Regatta in Miami.

Globally, it’s in Europe that the Laser 4.7 is the most established, with huge fleets regularly exceeding 400 participants.

With increasingly large numbers of sailors graduating each year out of the Optimist, as well as classes such as the O’Pen Skiff, the Laser 4.7 offers an opportunity for a smooth transition with a single-handed boat that is particularly suited to teenagers … More here.

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