Big Pimpin'

3d for thee?

Launched in 2017 by MORFRAC Systems, the MORFBLOCK is the first commercially available 3D printed sailing block.

Since its launch MORFBLOCKS have been sailing in some of the best and most demanding racing boats: TP52 (TP52 Super Series 2018/2019), Class 40 (Route du Rhumb/ TJV), IMOCA (TJV) and MINI 650 (Transat 650) to name a few.

MORFBLOCKs are smart, simple, light and safe. Stripped down to its basic components: cheeks, bearing, sheave and loop; and designed to avoid metal fasteners in their assembly these blocks are among the lightest and strongest blocks in the market.

The patented AGB system is the key behind its efficiency and high performance. While very simple at plain sight, the engineering behind it and bearing material choice enables the MORFBLOCK to improve its efficiency as the load increases, outperforming “classic” blocks.

MORFBLOCKS are very safe and they are designed to remain connected even if braking loads are exceeded. MORFBLOCKs are available in two ranges, MB and MBXL. The MB range characterizes for being very compact and goes from SWL 125kg (3 grams) to 4.5 tons (266 grams).

The MBXL offers a larger diameter sheave for better handling and it is available from 1000kg to 3000kg with aluminium sheaves. With the resent introduction of the MB Ti, and by the use of titanium sheaves, the XL range expands up to 15 tons (and above as custom). MORFBLOCK is also available with wooden CNC machined cheeks in XL and Ti range, as well as custom colours and custom applications. 

MORFBLOCKs are available in “high load” or “performance” configuration according to the bearing choice. High load bearings are ideal for high semi static loads such as mast base lead blocks, halyards, runners and high load lines where constant trimming is not required.

Performance bearings display a lower coefficient of friction and can be run at higher RPM than high load bearings. They are ideal for more demanding applications such as sheet blocks, control lines where blocks are in constant movement.


As every year since its launch MORFRAC Systems will be present in METS, the largest B2B exhibition for the marine leisure industry, and this year will be no different, we have many new things to show: MBXL 2020 edition, soft grip and the new MB Titanium. If you happen to be at Amsterdam next week, don’t miss our products on Stand 07.216 !

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