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Law enforcement officers took action last week at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS), sequestrating a €4m Sunseeker following a lengthy legal battle between Sunseeker International, its former dealer Richard Obey, and a quartet of dissatisfied prospective owners.

US Marshalls boarded the 74ft yacht on Sunday (November 3) as the show came to a close, moving it to a secret location on behalf of one of the aggrieved parties.

The full history of the dispute involves the non-satisfaction of transfer of titles and the yachts themselves to owners who were dealing with Richard Obey and Associates, and his own dispute with Sunseeker and the subsequent termination of his contract to represent the company in the US.

Today Sunseeker USA Sales Co, Inc issued the following statement:

“The circumstances regarding the recently filed action for possession of a Sunseeker vessel arise from civil disputes that are pending over the non-payment for the vessel, by the selling dealer, Rick Obey and Associates (ROAA). The disputes are being addressed appropriately through judicial process. In March 2019 Sunseeker USA Sales Co, Inc terminated its dealer agreement with ROAA for material default and in order to prevent future harm to customers and the public, in June 2019 Sunseeker USA Sales Co, Inc obtained a preliminary injunction preventing ROAA from continuing to unlawfully represent itself as a Sunseeker USA Sales Co, Inc dealer. Sunseeker USA Sales Co, Inc continues to pursue all appropriate remedies against the party responsible for unlawful conduct. Read on.