Big Pimpin'

been there, doing that

As the quest for more and more extreme performance in sailboat racing continues, designers and builders face ever increasing challenges. While advanced composite construction is taken to the limits, the need for in-depth, expert quality testing of build parts – hulls, decks, appendages, rigs – plays an increasingly crucial role.

Over the last 20 years, QI Composites has become the globally accepted expert for NDT (nondestructive testing) and evaluation of technical build specifications and their practical execution. ‘We have been involved in all America’s Cups since 2001, in 2007 working for nine teams; also in all Volvo Ocean Races since 2007, official NDT supplier for entire V65 fleet for past two editions and Ferrari F1 consultant since 2012.

We have also partly or entirely checked the majority of composite superyachts made in the last 15 years,’ says Stefano Beltrando, CEO. QI Composites’ clients include renowned builders who use the firm to validate their work and for R&D activity, yacht owners seeking to protect their investment, racing teams as in the America’s Cup and insurance companies who use QI for damage assessment. Read on.