parasitic behavior?

A bit of a hornet’s nest has exploded with this topic…

Late to this party regarding boat owner expectations, took me a while to find my sock puppet login (and enough booze to make me write this) because I sure as fuck am not posting this under my normal account.  But this shit has been on my mind for years and there are a few other posts recently that triggered me and I know for a fact many other boat owners feel the same but no one wants to say it.

For a weekend warrior program without professionals onboard the fact that traditionally (at least in the U.S.) a boat owner is expected to cover all costs for the crew, including travel, food, beer, dinner afterwards,  shackles, winch handles and all the other shit that some fucking idiot lost overboard or breaks because they were careless is bullshit, plain and simple.  Tell me what other amateur team sport expects this?

Not talking about pro teams or millionaire boat owners here, just weekend warrior guys who are blessed with a job that pays enough to buy a boat and all the expenses that go along with it.  If you drop a winch handle overboard or a shackle because you were just careless and I’m buying dinners, booze, sails, new lines, updating the electronics and oh yeah almost forgot THE ENTIRE COST OF THE FUCKING BOAT ITSELF to begin with would it really kill you to spend 30 fucking dollars as a show of appreciation for the shit you carelessly lost?

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