not alone

RS300 End of Seasons Regatta at Rutland SC 2-3 Nov 19

Rutland SC were hosts for this year’s RS End of Seasons Regatta  where a lone RS300 (yours truly) was itching to sail. With a schedule of one two-hour pursuit on the Saturday and three handicap races on Sunday, I was praying for bandit weather.

Saturday started with the world pig bladder carrying championship final.  England were up against some antelope. The antelope won.

Meanwhile in Rutland; home of the posh, gilet-clad and shotgun wielding geezer, the breeze was up.  Gusts up to 38 knots recorded by PRO: windy enough to strip the locks of a short South African. Faced with the prospect of a 2km run in 30 knots, in an RS300 and with a dodgy back, I decided to watch this one from the touchline.  The race officer had the same idea and promptly canned proceedings after a short postponement.

Sunday’s schedule was revised to four races.  With a light-medium forecast, concerns this would be a bit dull were mounting.  Not to worry. Clare, our fabulous class secretary, informed me I had some RS600s to play with.

Race one got away in 6-8 knots with the odd gust around 10.  I thought it polite to stay clear of the 6s and let them race, but, as I rounded the top mark 10 boat lengths clear of the fleet, I wondered if my cries of “you’ve all bought the wrong boat!” would have fallen on deaf ears.