a bit crowded, isn’t it?

Like most sailing areas these days, the San Diego racing market is very stale. Yes there are usual Etchells, and assorted small OD classes, but big boat handicap racing is slowly dying. No new boats – A used Soto 40 hardly counts – and no real enthusiasm for the same old events. Oh sure, The Hot Rum Series gets a lot of boats, as do the Noods, but besides that, there is a shrinking number of boats that actually race very much.

You’d think that this town would be very robust, especially given that we sail year ’round, but it isn’t.

That begs the question, in a market dominated by North, with Quantum, Ullman and UK all fighting for the leftovers, why in the hell would Doyle open a loft here? In a shrinking pie, there just aren’t that many slices to go around.

Five major sailmakers in Dago? I don’t think so. – ed.