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fendi fender

PYI Inc. is the North & South American distributor of Fendertex fenders. These fenders are ultralightweight, up to 95% lighter compared to PVC fenders, and up to 40% lighter than other inflatable fenders.

Storage of traditional fenders is often an issue on vessels. Fendertex fenders are designed to minimize the use of storage space. Once deflated and rolled or folded, a set of fenders can easily be placed into a locker.

Fendertex fenders are available in three standard shapes, cylindrical, spherical and tubular. Make your vessel unique by getting your logo or boat name embroidered on the fender cover. The fender, fender cover, sheathed D-rings, braidlines, flatlines and stitching are all available in nine standard colors. Allowing you to achieve the color scheme that you desire.

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