all wet?

One of the beauties of our Fabulous Forums, is that it gives real people a real voice. We like to share the good and the bad, and yes, the ugly.  we are wary of members who only have a couple of posts, but this sure sounds like a legit beef. Be interesting to hear what some of you other Mustochists have to say…

I chose to put this topic in main Anarchy, because everyone needs to see this, rather than just the Gear Anarchy people.

Musto has been known as one of the “best” products you can buy for sailing for decades. Everyone you used to talk to would say the same thing, everyone who worked in the industry would buy it, most real sailors had it, etc. Well here comes the problem with Musto besides that my stuff is currently leaking, they do not stand behind their products anymore, period. The new warranty process put in place, is the most asinine thing I have every heard of. Maybe it is the fact that Helly Hansen bought it, but I just don’t know anymore

My current kit includes Musto Mpx Race Jacket, Musto MPX Salopettes, Musto MPX Offshore Jacket, and Musto MPX Smock.

Problems and Warranty differences: Read on.