it happens

(Split, Croatia)
The forecast held true for the Laser Under-21 World Championships – sunny and warm and very little wind. No gradiant, but hope for a thermal fill from the West in the afternoon. To be able to best advantage if the wind  did build, the fleets were released from shore at 1130 to an on-the-water postponement. 

Signs of the fill began to appear by 1400 and RC set anchor, but the wait continued. Slowly, the breeze built and was getting up to 5 or 6 knots, but it was left of the expected westerly. Some optimism on the signal boat, but it wasn’t strong. They set a starting line for a course at 240- deg and monitored the wind at the weather mark. And then the fill began to fade, and shift right. Finally, at 1510 they pulled the plug with an AP over Alpha and all headed to the harbor.