old but not in the way

I was talking to a sailor buddy the other day.  He said that he was contemplating an easy to handle boat for just goin out for fun.  I said that I Had a Laser for a while.  He said too uncomfortable.  And out of the clear, blue sky, he said, a Finn.  The little I know about it is its a bad ass hot rod dinghy with a attitude.  Later I recalled my similar desire, a straight board A Class cat.  Here’s the specs:

Length          Beam          Weight          Sail Area

Finn             15 ft mol      5 ft               236 lb           110 sq ft

A Cat           18 ft              7 ft 6 in       165 lb            150 sq ft

Used boats are in the same $5,000 price range.

Both of us started out on Hobie 16’s many years ago.   He progressed to bigger boats, but I still have my 1984 16.  He’s 60 and has had some back problems.  I’m 66, active except for my recent hip fracture.

We’ve been there and done that.  Wind limit of 15 and it must be a nice day.  We are in SW Florida so we get lots of those days.

What would you folks want to play with?