no justice

After an investigation, the Department of Environmental Management determined Frank Teixeira, 75, of Portsmouth, was not speeding nor operating his 28-foot cruiser in reckless disregard for the safety of others during an Aug. 11 crash between a powerboat and a two-person catamaran sailboat near the Newport Pell Bridge. The crash resulted in the death of Sandra G. Tartaglino, 60, of Tiverton.

DEM is citing Teixeira with four violations of the Coast Guard’s Inland Navigational Rules, according to a press release. DEM will prosecute the case in the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal and arraignment is set for Nov. 13. The violations include risk of collision, action to avoid a collision, responsibilities between vessels and failure to keep a look-out. Each violation carries a maximum fine of $100, according to the press release.

Coast Guard rules stipulate sailing vessels have the right-of-way over power-driven vessels, and all vessels should maintain a proper look-out by sight, DEM noted in its press release. Read on.