safe bet?

If it is a discipline that combines many values, it is that of sailing in the Mini class.

This class of sailboats, the first level of offshore racing, was created in 1977 by an Englishman, Bob Salmon, who understood that the arms race and gigantism would threaten a discipline that would no longer be within the reach of everybody.

This class was then structured in France thanks to a dynamic association and it now shines in Europe and timidly across the Atlantic. It has allowed the “hatching” of many offshore racing talent today and has also been an incubator of innovation.

This Mini class is basically based on a monohull whose maximum hull dimensions are 6m50 long and 3m wide. Then we distinguish two families: the prototypes, or a great freedom of creativity is allowed, and the series class which frames more strictly the factors of development / realization to limit the costs. Read on.