burial boat

For many years my wonderful, beautiful Dutch wife (no, I’m not a newbie and won’t) has been understanding and patient with my passion for increasing wet, spartan, deep-draft go-fast racy boats, and I am now considering something smaller, cosy and comfy, and sensible for weekends away.  It needs to look the part but also fit the bill for the occasional Dutch/UK shorthanded coastal and offshore race, in both ORC and IRC.  Think of the first VW GTI, which I had the pleasure to own, way back in the last century.

In Holland this is also referred to as the ‘burial boat’, in some cases recognizing the sailor is getting on in years, but also for the symbolic burial of the hardcore racing schedule.  We’ll keep the go-fast boat a little while longer, but the missus deserves this and I may just get used to it.

The forum is already rich with drool lists and heady debate on the topic, and as an incurable boat romantic I tend fall hard and see the beautiful side of nearly every vessel — you know how a person can look lovely in just the right light (or through the bottom of a pint glass), or no matter their shape, in the heat of passion you can always find something nice to hold on to?  Perhaps giving away my vintage, there are those of us who still see that come-hither look in a lumpy and aged IOR boat.  After much falling in and out of lust and love, we have a short short list. Jump in and comment.