swear like a sailor

Personally speaking, swearing is fucking great. I have a pretty good vocabulary and certainly am capable of speaking without swearing, but what fun is that? I am often profane and to me, there are no such things as “bad words”.  There is nothing quiteas communicative as a well-placed “fuck!” 

Having said that, it can’t be long until some dillweed here in Dago Rule 69’s me. Fuck ’em. – ed.

I’ve been engineering software for 20 years, book-ended with dinghy sailing in college and SF Bay beercans for the last two years.

One thing perplexes me: what happened to cursing like a sailor? I feel like I tone it down a lot on the Lyft ride from the office to the dock.

What is this, the post-Wagnerian opera?! Jump in the thread!