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Livestreaming of 18ft Skiff Racing on Sydney Harbour reached a new high during the 2018-2019 Australian Season when the talented video team, lead by Jonathon Whitty (Aeromedia) produced sensational coverage of all local club events and every race of the JJ Giltinan (world) Championship.

 Viewers around the world were taken up close to the racing skiffs as they sped across the harbour while managing to avoid the heavy commercial and private traffic.

 As two-times JJ Giltinan (world) champion, America’s Howie Hamlin, says about the coverage: “I love watching the live skiff racing.  It is almost as good as being there.”   to avoid the traffic hazards.

 The 0riginal video team had previously captured all the action at water level from onboard the “CameraCat”and from on-board the racing skiffs, but over the past 3 seasons Aeromedia has introduced a new perspective with drone coverage of the fleet and added some live cameras to onboard some of the skiffs

 The coverage is expected to be even better in the 2019-2020 Season and should be another step forward from the beginning, back in the early 2000s, when Kerrie and John Winning, together with the late Bob (Killo) Killick, had the vision of presenting 18ft Skiff Racing on Sydney Harbour to the world.

 This visionary trio couldn’t have imagined how far, and how quickly, their idea would have developed to where it is today.

 From the ‘humble’ beginning when Bob Killick became the sole hands-on member of the original team, the concept has grown steadily to the point where the present team controls the livestreaming of 18ft Skiff Racing on Sydney Harbour each week to a worldwide audience.

 The Australian 18 Footers League’s 2019-2020 Season commences on Sunday when 18 skiffs line up for Race 1 of the Spring Championship, and the video team will be out on Sydney Harbour again to capture all the action.

 Everyone in the world can share the live stream experience by going to 18FootersTV

  Spectators can get up close and personal with the teams in the rigging area, then follow the racing on board the spectator ferry, which leaves Double Bay Wharf, alongside the rigging area, each race day at 2pm.  Purchase tickets online here.

As well as watching the livestreaming coverage, you can also follow all the club’s racing throughout the entire 2019-2020 Racing Season:

 Club Website         www.18footers.com
Twitter                    @18skiff
Instagram               @18skiff
Facebook                International 18Ft Skiff

 Frank Quealey and Michael Chittenden

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