While replacement boats were found at the 2019 North Americans last July for those teams with non-compliant Club 420s, no progress has been achieved since to compensate the boat owners for their financial losses. The retailer of the non-compliant boats seems to have shut down his business. Owners of the boats – both private or clubs, are left in limbo. The Club 420 class has been unfortunately of little assistance to the unlucky owners of those boats. The way the Club 420 class dealt with non-compliance can be interestingly contrasted with the way the Laser class dealt in 2015 with non-compliant Lasers.

There was drama last July at the Club 420 North Americans at St Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco.

Some 16 boats were prohibited from registering because they did not pass measurement. The boats were PS2000 boats built in China by Far East Boats and retailed by Sturgis Boat Works, based in Yarmouth, MA.

The non conforming elements were, according to a July 15 media release by the Club 420 class, a) the use of a resin infusion method and materials that are not class approved; and b) additional structural elements at the bottom of the centerboard trunk. Read on.