Some really good Local Knowledge right here…

I’m enjoying the thread discussion on whether foiling craft are really sailing boats. Of course they are – if they are powered by sails alone – but they certainly constitute a whole new division of the species.

Meanwhile, I think I can still recognise a sailing boat when I see one. Like the one above. That’s the gorgeous 10 Metre Kyeema up for her annual antifoul in Sydney today. She’s quick enough without foils.

Meanwhile, I can confirm that both Reichel-Pugh supermaxi 100 footers – Wild Oats XI and Black Jack – have now had their dagger boards removed and a retractable front canard added. Back to the future. InfoTrack (the old Juan K Speedboat) appears to be unchanged. Should be an interesting race up front in the 75th Sydney-Hobart….  – Anarchist David S.