Further to the document that we posted about WF and their Laser Olympic decision…

A key document produced by World Sailing for its Council members has been brought to our attention. It outlines the recommendation by the World Sailing board to keep the Laser Olympic for 2024 and served as a basis for the unanimous vote by the Council.

We largely covered this previously, including in our post « Lasers or « ILCA Equipment » at the 2024 Paris Olympics? »  yet this World Sailing document reveals some new information. Here are key aspects of the document.

1. While Council members were recommended to vote for the Laser, and subsequently did so, the boat is now allowed to bear any name, as new manufacturers have « the option to produce and market class-legal boats and equipment under a different brand name. » This seems therefore an endorsement of the ILCA Dinghy brand, owned by the Laser class, and already used by the Australian builder PSA. Yes, as predicted, « Fake Lasers » seem well on their way to the 2024 Paris Olympics. Read on.