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Big Pimpin'

What do you expect from a new set of sails? While top quality and value for money are very probably high on your wish list, what most people really want are sails that perform well the very first time and then keep performing hoist after hoist. Quantum Sails’ iQ Technology and design process are a major change in the way sails are conceived, designed and made.

It’s easy to promise sails that are fast straight out of the bag and plenty of sailmakers claim to do exactly that. But how many of them can back up those assertions with a coherent and demonstrable process? Quantum’s unprecedented iQ Technology and design process is the result of more than 25 years of experience paired with the best sailors, sailmakers and designers in the world. It draws on this expertise and understanding of how to design and build not only the complex engineered structures that make up today’s high-tech racing sails, but also the rigs and spars that work in tandem with the sails to achieve the perfect shapes that make a boat go fast. Read on.