it lives!

Hydroptere has found a new home! It is going to San Francisco. Getting new gear in Honolulu now. That  this thing is being resurrected seems almost impossible to believe, but we say cool! Here’s the story:

Gabriel and I bought the boat at the auction. Gabriel has excellent dedication, French resources, and speaks French. I have guys and the resources of Sugar Dock to offer. It is a very good partnership.

The boat is coming back to California to start with. The boat was stripped of winches, wiring, switches, etc while left on the mooring in Hawaii. The motor was toast. The critical foils and foiling gear is intact.

The new motor is in Hawaii and ready to install. Once it is installed the boat will head to SF under delivery sails and power. When she arrives at Sugar Dock in SF we will pull her out and get deeper into the refurbishment. We have recovered the original containers of gear and loved them to Sugar Dock as well.

Near term she will be sailed in California and perhaps pursue some local records. We expect ultimately to get her back to Europe.

Chris Welsh
LLC Manager