nanny goat state

A really good post from Down Unda:

So first some context. My crew and I have just won a five race Winter Series with a score (after drop) of 4. We live in a fairly cold part of Australia and ironically winter (and autumn) is the only time our boat is eligible to compete in the top level of racing conducted by any of our three local clubs.

Why, you may ask? Well, for some reason, even though all the summer pennant races are conducted in either smooth or sheltered waters (see map), the organising authorities have in their wisdom decided to over-ride the Australian Sailing Category 5 Safety requirements and insist that a fitted (not hand-held) VHF radio must be installed. For those in other regions the safety categories are:

Race Category Description
Category 0 N/A (Trans-oceanic races)
Category 1 Offshore races of long distance and well offshore, where boats must be self-sufficient for extended periods of time, capable of withstanding heavy storms and prepared to meet serious emergencies without the expectation of outside assistance.
Category 2 Offshore races of extended duration along or not far removed from shorelines or in large unprotected bays or lakes, where a high degree of self-sufficiency is required of the yachts.
Category 3 Offshore races across open water, most of which is relatively protected or close to shorelines.
Category 4 Short offshore races, close to shore in relatively warm or protected waters, normally held in daylight.
Category 5 Races with limited rescue availability, in protected waters, in daylight hours or in sheltered waters at night.
Category 6 Short races close to the shoreline in protected waters, in daylight hours only and with effective rescue availability
Category 7 Short races in sheltered waters, in daylight hours only and with effective rescue availability. Boats not complying with Rule 3.01.3 (Special Regulations 2017-2021 Part 1) are not required to carry buoyancy.

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