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470, 49er, 49erFX, Nacra-17 – 2019 Oakcliff Triple Crown Series – Oyster Bay NY – Final results

Winners of Stage 1 of the Oakcliff Triple Crown Series, held over the past weekend on Oyster Bay, were after 7 (470) respectively 6 (49ers) races Stuart McNay/Dave Hughes 470 men, Carmen Cowles/Emma Cowles (Larchmont YC) 470 women, Nevin Snow/Dane Wilson (San Diego YC) 49ers and Paris Henken/Anna Tobias (San Diego YC) 49ersFX. The Nacra-17 were not present. The ranking lists. —– This competition consists of a series of 3 regattas per season for 470 men and women, 49er, 49erFX, and Nacra 17 with 12 races per class scheduled for each regatta. A pool of up to $500,000, in prize grants, is awarded to top finishers each season. According to the Notice of Race, the prize money per Class awarded at Stage 1 was therefore for rank 1 $16,666, rank 2 $13,333 and rank 3 $3,333 provided that 8 boats participated as this was the case in the 470 men. With at least 4 boats (all other classes) present, 50% of the price money was at stake. —– The event website and the Notice of Race with all details. —– Stages 2 and 3 will be held on Oyster Bay on September 28/29 and October 5/6.