we don’t get it

We’re not ones to discourage any type of racing, but we will likely never understand the attraction of the Golden Globe Race. 4ksb’s, gathering barnacles as they “race” around the world. It is more of a survival endeavor than a race, but given that they already have 22 paid entries for the next race in 2022, and have some decent traffic numbers, maybe we’re just out of touch. The truth is that there are a lot of kooks out there who are no doubt wired for such a thing.

Said Don McIntyre, the GGR founder: “What a fantastic solid result for a unique original adventure created by a small passionate management team with low budgets. It confirms the support and huge following the 2018 GGR achieved from ordinary people interested in a simple, back to basics human endeavor.

No fluff; just an honest, down-to-earth non-stop solo race around the world that media understand. We must also thank the passion of our French fans and our enthusiastic Host Port and logistics partner Les Sables d’Olonne, Ville and Agglomeration. The GGR family continues to grow, ensuring the 2022 edition will be an even bigger success.”

Traffic report here.