So we sailed a nice race last Saturday¬†on A4 in the CRA Around the Coronado Island Race, winning class and ending up fifth overall. We spent the last few miles of the race sailing with DC’s stunning 47′ classic, Splendor (pictured above), having caught them after starting 20 mins behind them (staggered starts). It was remarkable to watch Dennis make that 33,000 beast go right along on a jib reach in 6 knots. There are very few sailors in the world who can do what he can still do.

So it was so humbling to get a call that Saturday night from DC, congratulating us on our win. He thought we had won overall as well, but alas, no. Regardless, there I was on the phone with DC, talking about some of the nuances of the races, observations of boats and their boat speed, and finally talking about what a beautiful day on the water that we all had.

Dennis and I have had an interesting relationship over the years, and it was so meaningful for me to get a congratulatory called from The Man, and a call that turned into our mutual appreciation for our sport.

I’ll never forget it. – ed.