prostrate for the prostate

It’s day 58 of my round UK trip. I’ve just completed the longest open water crossing I’ve done so far from Port St Mary Isle of Man to Holyhead in Wales. The last few days have been a real highlight of this trip. Not least because it’s not rained as much. I’m now aiming to be on the South Coast within 10 days. Weather dependent of course. Picture below was taken by Jen Kneale Coxswain of the Lifeboat in Port St Mary. Isle of Man. Thanks to everyone who has donated to this very worthwhile cause.

Back story:
I am embarking on an exciting but seriously challenging and dangerous mission – I am sailing round the UK in a 13ft open Laser for PROSTATE CANCER UK because we men all have one and it takes balls to talk.

I will sail around the UK mainland in a 13ft one-man laser dinghy THE WRONG WAY ROUND. Although fascinating and fun this epic voyage is throwing up some huge challenges, bringing a wide host of emotions from fear, passion and frustration and a lot of anxiety!! It’s thoroughly testing my faith in everything. But to get a diagnosis of cancer is MUCH, much more frightening – now that’s a real battle and I want to try and do what I can to help those affected win their personal battle, by raising money for much-needed research and funding. So thank you too for being part of this fantastic journey with me.

I started at Eastbourne Pier in East Sussex on 17th July 2019 at 12noon, and I plan to land back there sometime in September having traversed around the coast of Kent, London, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Lincs, Yorshire, Tyne & Wear, The Borders, Berwickshire, Aberdeenshire, Caithness and all the way back down the other side via the Western Isles of Scotland, Cumbria, Lancs, Merseyside, Wales, Somerset, Devon and so on all the way back to my home town of Eastbourne.

I’m sailing a 1970 beaten up Laser that I paid £50 for a few years back. It’s been re-modeled in lumpy grey and orange paint with an orange tip on its “027” sail. I’ve slightly modified the rear with a hatch to allow me to store my tent and food, but essentially its just a bog standard old laser.

Please Like my StickDaringRoundUK Page on FaceBook to keep up with photos and videos as I continue. I’ve met some of the kindest people ever on this trip and it’s restoring my faith in humanity.