even a kid can do it

Big Pimpin'

“Kirk’s Log”: Newport, Rhode Island, mid-September, 2019. In this town, this time of year it’s a zoo. Just …chaos. The boat show is in full effect, there’s a fleet of 20 new sport boats racing north of the bridge, and American Magic’s boat 1 is quietly tearing around the east passage. Pure chaos- giving me nasty flashbacks to my time as a youth coach here.

But as we round the northern tip of fort Adams and point towards Jamestown, all of that noise quiets down. 9 year old, 55 pound Travis is about to enter a different dimension. The breeze fills in, Nick jumps onboard to give him some extra pounds and a sheeting hand. Time to throttle down, these two are gone. Out of the zoo, up into the blue. Serenity. That’s foiling.

That’s why we came. That’s the newness and the difference we set up to share this weekend with the UFO. There’s no “oh yeah I’ve been here before”. That extra element of flight turns the familiar into new terrain. Come by and try for yourself.”