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So next week my college team and I are going off to Chicago to race T10’s against other Midwestern colleges.

I’ve thumbed through the North, Doyle Boston and Sobstad tuning guides and they seem to point in similar directions as far as rig setup and trim goes, and a lot of the advice is pretty intuitive. We were assigned an LS-10, which is the newer boat with the coachroof and some layout changes on deck and inside.

1. Are there any special tuning considerations for the LS-10 that wouldn’t be true for the T-10?

2. Any preseason prep (Fairing, Longboarding, Sanding/Antifoul, New Sails) would have to already have been done by the owner, is there anything we can do to increase performance before leaving the dock?

3. For the main trimmer, how much of the trim is done with the traveler versus the sheet? The guides talk about keeping the aft third of the top batten parallel to the boom and the telltale stalling about 50% of the time, and that it’s more crucial to induce twist coming out of tacks to promote flow adhesion on the keel-obviously keeping a dialogue with the driver, is that just slowly pulling the car to windward as the boat flattens out or is there some sheet play? Downwind, is it just playing out mainsheet until the sail hits the spreaders or is there more finesse?

4. Weight placement downwind-I assume that the goal is to keep weight out of the cockpit unless it’s nuking, does the T-10 do better with a little windward or a little leeward heel? Better to soak or to try and keep boatspeed up? It’s a pretty tiny kite…

5. Any tips to get a crew that has never sailed big boats together before; and most of whom have only sailed Opti/420/Laser/FJ or some very “Cruisy” PHRF boats up to speed quickly?

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