From our Fab Forums. I watched a bit of the  Rolex New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup, and Anarchist Ziggy is not wrong.  As for Tucker – Mr. banality is a tool, and always has been. 

I just watched a little bit of the day three video on YouTube and have a couple of observations and wanted to hear other peoples’ opinions

  •  Both the video and audio quality as well as the professionalism of the presentation completely sucked. The presenters not knowing which boats had onboard cameras, which way the tide was going when they mention it as an advantage, and general amateur quality of the commentary. Greenie should be banned from public consumption and Tucker has had much better showings
  • The commentators mentioned in one race that the wind was between 14 and 16 knots which the video seemed to confirm.  My question then is why do all boats have main and jib reefed? Is an IC37 unsailable or dangerous to life and limb fully canvassed?
  •  Is there something in the class rules or perhaps the rules for this particular regatta that says that all boats must race in the same configuration?  My experience in other one design classes is that proper sail selection for the conditions as part of the game. J24 big jib vs little jib as an example although admittedly dated.
  • The tracker at times not even close to video or commentary regarding boat positions to each other or the course. Jump in and discuss.