newport airshow

Big Pimpin'

Not satisfied with running a booth and wearing name-tags all day, the UFO team have opted to spend the Newport Boat Show offering fully coached foiling demos to the masses. Way to disrupt! If you’re in the area, hit them up for an opportunity to get really high…in the air. The show starts this Thursday! Contact Fulcrum at [email protected] to schedule a demo.

Fulcrum’s President, Dave Clark explains the rationale. “Three things: First, we wanted to stick to what we’re good at. Fulcrum may well build three UFOs a week, but we are a staunchly salt-in the hair company. We’re a sailing company. If we want to share what our product means, the best way to do it is to go get wet. Two, show don’t tell. Especially with foiling, which is a fully unreal new experience, simply talking about it with people standing around a boat doesn’t cut it. You just have to come try it yourself. It’s that good and that different. Third, we take a TON of pride in our hometown.

Newport may well have a lot of yachting heritage but it also has a serious yachting present. The UFO production facility and the American Magic build facility are about a mile apart from one another a brief drive up the state from Newport. Between the two, you have the single largest foiling one-design builder on the continent and the single biggest custom foiling raceboat builder on the continent. So this weekend to us is not just some visit from a trade-show. It’s a chance for the ocean state to show what it’s got. We’ve got a flying machine. Come flying.”