new life

Big Pimpin'

It’s not often that rules and regulations lead to more freedom and choice. Yet sometimes, technical changes behind the scenes can trigger an effect that goes further than expected. Such has been the case with Oyster Yachts.

The start of the chain reaction came with Oyster’s new ownership in March 2018 after Richard Hadida bought the company. With a healthy order book and a strong global reputation, the task of reinvigorating the famous British brand began with improving production efficiency along with a careful look at the entire model range.

There was also the issue of restoring confidence in the market and that message started with the clear statement that all new Oysters would be built under the supervision of Lloyds Register. Achieving a hull and deck moulding certificate meant a great deal of work behind the scenes in the design and production areas of the business. This in turn had resulted in greater flexibility that now allows a better link between the sales and engineering sides of the company. Read on.