that’s a sportboat?

Not from where I sail, it ain’t. But the ORC has much different rules and stuff. (howz that for technical insight?)

The 2019 ORC Sportboat Championship ended in victory for Sergio Caramel’s Melges 24 Arkanoe’ by Montura in Division A and Ugo Guanieri’sDelta 84 Chardonnay in Division B. The event was held from August 24 to August 30 and saw 29 teams from 8 nations race in 6 inshore races and one coastal race for the Championship, which was organized by the Yacht Club Marina Portoroz in collaboration with Jadralni klub Ljubljana, the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) and with the support of Marina Portoroz.

After four days of light winds, conditions took on a different turn for the last day of the event. The much-anticipated northeasterly wind called “burja” came in on time and blew with 8-15 knots for the majority of the day, allowing the race committee to complete the full program.  Read more.