shootout at LBC

K Mag checks in from the Viper 640 Worlds in the LBC

Finally get to talk about racing! Day one of the Viper 640 Worlds was about as good as it gets.  We had some fun shifty light air and some healthy LBC breeze towards the end of the day.  Team Loco X had a decent day on the water with some shining moments.  The new sails are proving to be outstanding and the hard work training has paid off.   We were told we had some of the best boat handling on the race course which felt good to hear.

Race one was a tough one for us.  We could not find a way out of dodge and ended up mid fleet fighting to get some clear air while the rich got richer.  We managed to keep it together and not get too deep.  After all theses a long event and you do not want to throw it away on day one.
Race two and three were much better for us.  We managed some great starts and got into clear breeze early which pays massive dividends.  Race three was the one that produced the best pictures and video.  Like usual in the LBC, the wind comes on later in the day and the boats were lit up.  We finished the day with a 3,4 and put ourselves in the top 10 and striking distance on some hardware.  Still a long long way to go but it is nice to set up well on the first day.  Trust me I have no delusions about this, I am just happy to be in the mix with the big boys. Results here.
The winner of the day were local legends Steve Flam and Jay Gollison.  They were so fast off the line, picked their shifts well and sailed a super clean day to come out on top.  Perhaps the last minute crew addition helped out (Eric Doyle – ed.).  For us it is just a pleasure to be competing with them at the top level.  Having some tight mark rounding with them is a bonus and always puts a smile on my face.  Super good guys on and off the water!(We believe the good guys on the water comment is dripping in sarcasm, but you’d have to ask Keith. – ed)
Day two and then a lay day!  Catch me at the beach in Laguna tomorrow as far away from sailing as I can get!
Sharon Green Photo Credit