cali, baby

After countless months of preparation and training the largest Viper 640 regatta ever to be held on the West Coast is starting in a few hours.  The 2019 Viper 640 Worlds will be the first one held on American soil and Alamitos Bay Yacht Club is proud to host over 50 Viper 640’s that have turned up for this one.  The quality of sailors matches the quality of the venue and everyone is excited to get some LBC breeze (hopefully!).

I am back on the Loco X Team with sipper Ed Feo and our third Phil Toth.  We started out in Miami this year and have spent the last few months practicing here in our backyard.  It has been a good learning process and the training has been “fun,” but we are now excited to start the real thing.  The atmosphere around ABYC has been interesting to soak in.  Sailors from South Africa, England, Wales, Australia and all over the USA are here sharing their personalities and ideas on how to make these boats even faster.  Well some of them are sharing ideas and some I think are sharing some mis-information.

For me, the rewarding aspect so far has been the involvement in the sail progression for our sails.  It has been a pleasure to work with Ullman designer Bruce Hollis on the shapes and seeing the finished product was special.  One of the most interesting factors was the difference in the mast deflections and understanding how our mast bent and matching that shape.  The top guys have had their sails modified to their mast characteristics but it takes some extra work on their part.

If you are unfamiliar with the Viper 640 then I suggest you watch the YouTube video of us at LBRW this year (we are the white/red/white spin) filmed by Mikey Foxtrot . Thank you for “letting” me spread this awesome footage).  He has been making one amazing videos of our regattas here and he is at Worlds for some more!.

Viper 640 Worlds starts today and goes through Saturday so if you are in the area stop by ABYC and check out the scene.  Come say hi, you will be able to find me pretty easily.

Keith Magnussen