going big

Big Pimpin'

Bari based Neo Yachts has followed the success of the 400 and 350 with it’s most audacious reach yet for the edge of the racer cruiser envelope. The Carkeek designed Neo 570c is targeting the performance of a modern TP52 with the comforts of a cruising design. Neo Yachts Principal Paolo Semeraro explains: “We spent some time researching the outcomes of major IRC/ORC racing events and found that in more than 80 per cent of those regattas, the winning boat was a TP52”

Modern hulls are so wide that it’s easy to fit two very big aft cabins into the hull, with plenty of space for a technical area and tanks between them.’ So why not go as close as you possibly can to the formula that delivers the optimal solution for the race part of the racer cruiser paradigm?