the yes’s have it

Coming off the World Sailing Board Meeting, well — there is no word, really.  The statement they put out a few days ago was a little vague, but the implication was that there were things they wanted to review more closely (i.e., the Survey Monkey election results) and there is no definitive word or resolution to the Laser/Fake Laser question. How biased was the survey?

Week before last, ILCA volunteers in Canada these materials/signage/laptops all week ….. What is coming out indirectly from board members was that Survey Monkey wasn’t really a good choice for an election like this, and it’s unclear whether or if the official results are going to come out or not.  There is no set timeline for the review, either.

Anyway, the LP office compiled what has been attached from people at the event who were taken back by how hard ILCA campaign for the yes vote.  There were voting pages on lap tops where only a “yes” vote was an option according to people taking part in the event. The fuck is wrong with these people?